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Est. 1986 -  Delivering successful ICT solutions to business and government

Originally established in 1986, Broadband Network Communications (BBNC) is wholly Australian owned and carrier independent Telecommunications and Information Technology infrastructure and systems integration services provider. 

BBNC delivers innovative solutions, technical excellence and strategic collaborations that provide cost-effective and time-efficient services to government, industry and corporate clients. 


BBNC’s most recent innovation, in partnership with Canada’s Lite Access Technologies, is the introduction of patented microduct and micro-trenching (slotcut) technologies and solutions.  BBNC is introducing this world leading underground broadband fibre deployment solution to the Australian market for the National Broadband Network and private networks.

BBNC’s solution, delivers exceptional value for our clients.  

“There is no other underground deployment method that is as clean, green, speedy, future-proof or affordable.” 
J Tokarczuk CEO BBNC.

Google USA’s Fibre for Communities ($5 Billion) project is successfully testing this methodology for their deployment. www.fiberforcommunities.com

Lite Access’ Patented Air Blown Micro-duct fibre solution combined with its new slot cut method of deployment is now considered the technology of choice for broadband infrastructure initiatives throughout the globe. Deployed in the most effective, timely and environmentally friendly manner, Lite Access’ micro-duct technology will help extend your ability to provide end users with virtually unlimited network connectivity now and for the future.

Key Benefits
    >	Completely air and water tight system
    >	Future proof ability to add fibre at anytime
    >	Blown fibre unlimited distances - reduce splicing
    >	Fast Installation - environmentally friendly, non-disruptive
    >	50% quicker, half the cost
    >	Flexible and adaptive - integrates with all Teleco infrastructure
    >	Complies with Australian Standards

Check out how this technology and deployment methodology worked for the Winter 2010 Olympic Games at Whistler, Canada.
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GOOGLE RACE FOR FASTER INTERNETfile://localhost/Micro-trenching%20at%20Google.mp4
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